NComputing Thin Clients and vSpace Software for Education

RX300 Thin Client

The ideal Thin Client in cubicles and offices in small to medium-sized business and schools.


Our latest, the RX300, is built for productivity using the latest Raspberry Pi 3 platform. Designed and optimized specifically for NComputing’s award-winning vSpace Pro desktop virtualization solution, the RX300 is cloud-ready and provides a rich PC-like experience. RX300 features full-screen, full-motion HD multimedia playback with vCAST direct streaming technology support, built-in transparent USB redirection achieving unparalleled peripheral support, WiFi, and optional access to Linux Raspbian OS managed by the IT admin. The RX300 provides a simple-to deploy, centrally managed, high performance virtual desktop, perfect for use in education.

L350 Thin Client Ncomputing

L350 Thin Client

Performs in your environment.

Combines performance and efficiency!

Four USB 2.0 Ports for your external devices

High quality digital audio and microphone ports

Only 3-5 Watts low power consumption!

L350 Thin Client Ncomputing
L350 Thin Client Ncomputing

Crystal Clear video experience

1080p Full HD Video Quality

1920 x 1200 maximum display resolution

24-bit color depth

Smart Design

Easy VESA mount interface

L300 thin Client Ncomputing Back

L300 Thin Client

DVD video quality for your monitor!

24-bit color depth and  1920 x 1080 resolution

MX-Series for vSpace

MX100 Thin Client NComputing

MX100 Thin Client

simple • powerful • affordable

Ideal for workgroup computing, classrooms,
computer labs, training rooms, libraries and small
business, the MX100 delivers
innovation combined and incredible value to

MX100S Thin CLient Ncomputing

Connect 3 users on 1 thin client

Each MX100S kit includes 3

devices (primary and two satellites).

Share one computer with up to

45 users.

Up to 9 users per PCIe card!

An included PCIe card, which provides

both power and connectivity, for up to

three MX100 kits (one MX100D plus two

MX100S Standard Edition kits).

MX100D Thin Client Ncomputing

Software Products

software and hardware works in

perfect harmony!

easy configuration & almost automatic management

vspace client software desktop virtualization ncomputing
Desktop Virtualization Software by Ncomputing

Mobilty and vSpace combined

vSpace Client extends the value of vSpace Server.

You can use vSpace Client on your windows, chrome OS and chromebrowser devices.

Maintaining a malware-free safe environment.

Maintenance-free and easy to deploy.

Share one PC or server with up to 100 users.

Green technology.

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