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A perfect software team for your desktop virtualization!

Our vSpace virtualization software creates virtual desktops by dividing the computer’s resources into independent sessions that give each user their own computing experience.

The vSpace Server console sets up, configures, and manages shared computers and thin clients.

1 Server / PC, 100 Users


Extend the value of vSpace Server to Windows PCs, laptops and netbooks. Ideal for turning older PCs into Windows 7 and Windows 8 virtual desktop access devices, adding mobility and BYOD capability too.

Thin Clients

Our hardware works perfectly with the vSpace desktop virtualisation software.

Each MX100D Direct Connect Edition kit includes 3 client devices (primary and two satellites)

• Each MX100D: Direct Connect Edition can support up to 9-users (requires purchase of additional MX100S: Standard Edition kits)

• No existing network infrastructure required – each kit connects directly to vSpace Server


The L300 Thin Client has the power and flexibility to work in the environment you choose! Connect up to 100 virtual desktops to a single NComputing vSpace-Server or PC.

• DVD-quality full-screen video

• connect USB 2.0 devices

• Easy configuration and automatic management


The L350 Thin Client has even more power and flexibility, providing users with higher resolution, and video and audio qualities.

• 1080P quality fullscreen video with digital output (DVI-D) to the monitor

• connect specialized High-Speed USB 2.0 devices

• listen to high quality digital audio

• connect up to 100 users to a single vSpace Server / PC

• Easy configuration and automatic management

User Benefits

Reasons to choose NComputing for our End-Users.

Whether you need to add more desktops, or replace ageing hardware in the most cost-effective and energy-efficient way, NComputing offers computing solutions that are simple, quick-to-deploy, perfomance-rich and incredibly affordable! The NComputing technology is designed to make the planet earth and every organization greener! If all organizations used NComputing systems at a ratio of six NComputing devices to each PC:

• Energy usage would decline by over 143 billion kilowatt-hours per year

• CO2 emissions would decrease by 114 million metric tons. That’s like planting 550 million trees.

• E-waste would be reduced by 7.9 million metric tons

  • 50% Hardware Savings

    get more classroom stations for your budget

  • 75% Maintenance Savings

    NComputing’s access devices are practically maintenance-free and easy to deploy

  • 90% Power Savings

    L-Series device consumes just 1 to 5 watt vs 110-200 watts for the traditional PC

  • 90% less trouble

    Maintaining a malware-free safe environment

Reseller Benefits

Reasons to choose NComputing Products for resellers.

• Offer more seats for a given budget then your competitor

• Save installation time as software needs to be installed only once per site

• Only protect one server against malware rather than each client

• Provide a safe and sturdy computing environment in classes

• Remotely support any user easily

• Speed up your clients database access many times

• Offer compatibility with most classroom management systems

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